Is It a Brighter Smile You’re After? Read This!

Our teeth are affected by what we eat and drink. We know this as it relates to the prevention (or development) of cavities and even gum disease. Most people are also keenly aware of how often-consumed foods and beverages will diminish the color of enamel. Hard as you try, you might just come face to […]

Might This Change Your Mind About Seeing the Dentist?

Are dental visits at the bottom of your list of favorite things to do? Many people share this attitude. Some even express it rather intensely, exclaiming “I hate the dentist!” Ouch! We get it. We know that, in most cases, it’s not that people really hate the person that is their dentist. What they hate is […]

Let’s Take the Confusion out of Tooth Replacement

Tooth loss. It happens. This has been a problem for which a solution has been sought for ages (Really! Centuries!). It was only in the last 100 years that toothlessness started becoming an uncommon condition among adults. Since the early 1900s, dentistry has made great strides in helping people keep their teeth, and in resolving […]

What Better Way to Begin a New Year

What Better Way to Begin a New Year than with an Optimized Smile

The holiday season is here, and that has many of us queuing the DVR for endless streaming of Elf. It has us picking out the perfect gifts, which means countless trips to the mall – or at least many hours online. Throughout the month of December, most Americans become exceedingly busy. When our proverbial plates […]

Routine Dental Care May Do More Than You Think

Routine Dental Care May Do More Than You Think

Today, it seems as though “busyness” is the name of the game. We are busy during the week because of work. We are busy during the weekends trying to get everything done that we can’t do during the week. Busy is the New Black, and it could be causing a lot more problems than we […]

When Giving Thanks, Remember Your Teeth!

We love this time of year, when we are coaxed by Mother Nature herself to revel in cozy fires and thick sweaters; and let’s not forget all the pumpkin spice! As we take stock of the many things we have to feeling thankful for, we find it the perfect time to point out a few […]

The Cat’s out of the Bag! Here’s What Your Mouth Is Saying

Normally, you approach your dental visit wondering if your dentist will notice any signs of tooth decay, or if you may have some gingivitis that will need to be handled. If it has been awhile since you have seen the dentist, you may have concerns that you might hear the dreaded words “root canal.” There […]

teeth whitening sherwood

Is Your Brew Doing You In?

Millions of us cannot go without our Morning Jolt; that nice, steamy cup of Wakey Juice. If “no talkie before coffee” is your mantra, the last thing you may want to hear is that good old Joe could be doing a number on your teeth. Don’t run away just yet. This is not one of […]

A Better Smile in One Day? You Bet!

The smile holds special power for us and for those around us. Specifically, when it looks bright and healthy. Benefits of an attractive smile Multiple research studies have revealed the benefits of having attractive teeth; from more success at landing a job or promotion to better interpersonal relationships. One would think that it is personal […]

Have One of These Fears? Dental Sedation Can Help!

At New Smiles Dental, it is important to us that our patients feel comfortable. Sometimes, fear can stand in the way of making dentistry the productive experience it can be. This is not good for our patients, and it’s not good for their long-term oral health. Dental anxiety can actually even have a detrimental effect […]

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