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A new smile can have many meanings, and for many Sherwood, OR patients, a new smile can mean more than just one treatment plan. From teeth whitening to changing the physical appearance of the teeth, Dr. Nathan Doyel & Dr. Aanderud are committed to bringing your dream smile to life in a matter of visits. While a new and improved smile is exciting, it can be nerve-wracking to alter your smile without knowing how it will look, feel, or function. For these reasons, we are proud to offer a trial smile – a procedure to essentially put your treatment plan to the test before any permanent changes are made – to find your picture-perfect smile!

What Is A Trial Smile?

Changing your smile due to dental concerns may not only require multiple treatments, but it may also require multiple tweaks and adjustments to get it perfectly correct. Our trial smile procedure allows for patients to not only see their smile through a smile preview 3D simulation but allows for the attachment of temporary tooth coverings and temporary veneers for you to wear for approximately one week to see if this treatment plan and its details are what you’re looking for. While these temporary tooth coverings and temporary veneers aren’t as strong as the final placement, our trial smile offers a great way to test how your new smile will look before any permanent changes are made.

Doctor and patient smiling within the dental practice

Our Trial Smile Procedure

Beginning with a consultation with our dentists, we will discuss your medical history, dental concerns, and smile goals and use our smile preview technology to create a 3D image of your temporary veneers before they’re placed. We will then take impressions of your teeth and the proposed improvements are designed to the very last detail to ensure your trial smile is as much like the real thing as possible. These temporary veneers are then copied to your mouth using composite resin to gently bond to your current teeth. Once completed, you will have a week or so to enjoy your temporary veneers! You can eat, talk, and smile beautifully with it and show off what your new smile will look like. After wearing your new smile, we can adjust accordingly if needed so your final set of veneers are a perfect, natural fit!

Benefits Of Trial Smile

Making changes to your teeth is a permanent, sometimes life-long commitment. Because of this, we want to ensure we take every step we can in designing your perfect smile. When placing porcelain veneers, a bit of your tooth’s enamel must be shaved down so your veneers have a strong foundation to bond to. However, we don’t want to make these permanent changes if you’re unsure of the procedure or how you will like it overall. By offering a trial smile to all patients thinking of getting veneers, you have the option to see it, feel it, and use it before we make any permanent changes. If you decide this isn’t the treatment plan for you, it can be easily reversed, allowing our dentists to start from scratch and design a new treatment plan that perfectly hits every dental concern you may be experiencing.

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