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Gum Grafting from an Expert

Have you become concerned with teeth that appear long and yellowed or saddened that you can no longer eat certain foods due to tooth sensitivity? You may have gum recession, where the gums surrounding teeth wear away and expose sensitive tooth roots. Receding gums not only diminish the natural esthetics of your smile, they can also make your teeth more prone to decay and infection. Replacing this lost tissue through gum grafting in Sherwood, OR prevents future problems by restoring healthier, stronger gums around your teeth. Our dentist is a gum expert and is well-versed in various grafting techniques, having achieved significant training and specialization in soft tissue procedures. Our team at New Smiles Dental can help you regain a balanced, healthy smile with minimally invasive treatment.

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When Gum Grafts Are Needed

All individuals have different thicknesses and widths of gum tissue around their teeth. Some patients simply have thin gums that naturally recede faster than others, even with years of proper oral hygiene. Age is a cause of gum recession in Sherwood, OR as is improper tooth position, orthodontics and vigorous tooth brushing. Receding gums are also a common symptom of gum disease and the result of an infection caused by bacteria released from plaque and tartar buildup. In all instances of gum recession, bone will also recede along with gums. The structural loss and weakened support from tissues can eventually lead to loose teeth and even tooth loss. Before this occurs, seek the expert care of our dentist for specialized gum grafting in Sherwood, OR!

Specialized Care with Lasting Results

Various soft tissue grafting techniques exist that can achieve the desired esthetic and functional result for your unique situation. Seeking the expertise of a trained and experienced specialist ensures that the doctor completing your care is well-versed in these techniques. Our dentist at New Smiles Dental is uniquely trained in all available soft tissue techniques for gum recession, with the knowledge to determine which option is best for your situation. In all cases, our goal is to provide both personalized and minimally invasive treatment that restores health, function and natural esthetics to your smile.

The gum grafting process involves removing a portion of tissue from another area of the mouth (sometimes grafts from a tissue bank are used instead) and using it to cover the exposed tooth roots and thinning gums. Recovery after gum grafting is relatively fast, with minor discomfort controlled with over-the-counter medication. Once healed, this strong thickened tissue provides excellent root coverage and greater resilience to recession. We’ll also help you identify contributing factors for your receding gums, so you can help prevent any unnecessary tissue or bone loss in the future.

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The Lasting Benefits of Gum Grafting

Halt your receding gums for good.

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