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Here at New Smiles, dentistry is viewed as a lifelong need that will be fulfilled with lifelong care from us. We believe in creating a uniquely crafted smile you feel your best in, no matter your dental concern. We take providing the highest quality dental care to the next level by offering modern, comfortable dental solutions through advanced dental technology so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, balanced smile. Our dentists, and our team of eight hygienists are trained and experienced in a plethora of dental services from general dental care and routine cleanings to complete smile rehabilitations. While we’re a general dental office with a multitude of years’ experience in the dental field, our dentists, understand dentistry isn’t a one-size fits all. We will address your concerns accordingly to ensure your smile remains intact for years to come!

The New Smile Mission

Delivering unmatched, safe, and compassionate care is our standard of care here at New Smiles. Our patients and their families can expect meticulous, comprehensive, and personalized services right here at our dental office in Sherwood, OR. We value our integrity and amount of respect we have for ourselves, our dentist and staff, and each patient we see. Our dental office can provide numerous treatment plans that are created by our dentists, to ensure your smile is met with precision and predictable results every time. No dental concern is too big for our dentist at New Smiles. We are committed to working as a complete team, improving our clinical skills through continued education, utilizing modern dental advancements in every appointment, and crafting smiles that are healthy and uniquely you.

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Perfectly Customized Treatment Plans

Dentistry isn’t just about correcting dental issues. It’s about listening to our patients, sharing an understanding for their concerns, and building a treatment plan that not only fixes the issue, but provides better oral health so our patients can live a long, healthy, and balanced life. Our dentists, are committed to crafting the perfect treatment plan for you. While we’re recognized as implant specialists, our dental office is equipped in providing top-notch treatment plans that are built for your dental concern, whether that entails dental implants or full smile rehabilitations. We won’t place dental implants just for the sake of placing dental implants. We will listen to your concerns and craft a fully customized treatment plan that addresses your specific smile concerns all while keeping your facial shape and symmetry in mind. With the help of an experienced dentist and an on-site dental lab filled with some of the most advanced dental technology, your brand-new smile is within reach.

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