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At New Smiles Dental, we know that many of our patients strive to have a whiter, brighter smile that helps them in exuding the confidence they feel inside. While a smile might be healthy, it might not always be attractive, which is when patients come to our practice to talk to our team about the benefits of professional teeth whitening and bleaching services. Along with other cosmetic dentistry solutions, we can help patients achieve their goals and enjoy a beautiful smile they’re ready to share with the world!

What are the professional whitening methods available?

Our team in Sherwood, OR, is pleased to offer two methods of whitening, including our in-office power bleaching, which offers fast, same-day results, and our take-home whitening trays, which are designed to whiten the teeth gradually. Both of these treatments are readily available, and we encourage patients to ask about the one most appropriate for their unique needs, budget, and lifestyle habits.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Our whitening treatments are only available at our practice and are not over-the-counter solutions. This is because they are stronger in concentration than anything found at the local drugstore. Treatments are also monitored by an experienced dental team to ensure safety and effectiveness over time. The treatments we provide are safe and appropriate for most of our patients who want to brighten their natural tooth enamel.

What are some alternatives to professional teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is designed to take care of stains on the outside of the natural tooth enamel and may still have difficulty in addressing intrinsic stains. If this occurs, our team may recommend alternative options to consider, including porcelain veneers and dental crowns. These are customized restorations made of porcelain that can be matched in color, shape, and size and placed over teeth with significant cosmetic issues.

How do I learn more about brightening my smile?

If you are considering ways to lighten the natural tooth enamel and brighten your smile, call New Smiles Dental today at 503-925-9595 to request a consultation visit and initial evaluation with our team. We are happy to help patients in and around Sherwood, OR with their oral health needs!


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