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Complete Smiles With New Smiles

Missing, decayed, failing, chipped, or cracked teeth can be heavy contributors to failing oral health. Have you been shying away from photos? Sticking to a soft food diet? Feeling a complete lack in your self-confidence? If so, remedy your dental worries and restore your oral health with our full mouth dental implants! Our board-certified, compassionate, and experienced dentists can place full mouth dental implants to treat patients with missing or failing teeth so they too, can experience a life full of healthy smiles. Dental implants restore your missing teeth and your self-confidence so you can enjoy your zest for life once again!

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Full Mouth Dental Implants VS Removable Treatments

Complete smile rehabilitations are traditionally tended to with dentures. While there are benefits to dentures such as turnaround time and cost, the disadvantages – the need for messy adhesives to stay in place, the worry of your dentures becoming loose, shifting, or falling out- have proved dentures to be an outdated option. Dentures are also not secured in the jawbone, which allows for deterioration and creates sunken facial appearances from jawbone loss.

If it’s a modern, more advanced, and permanent solution to restoring your smile you’re in the market for, our full mouth dental implants are just the treatment for you! Full arch dental implants are placed in the jawbone to provide optimal support with a sturdy foundation. Because of this, you can expect your full arch dental implants won’t come loose, shift, or fall out throughout the day. By being placed into the jawbone, our dental implants will limit bone recession and prevent premature aging from sunken facial features. As implant specialists, we can ensure that our full mouth dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Full mouth dental implants are generally more costly upfront due to surgery requirements; however, our affordable payment plans offer competitive pricing and low monthly rates to fit your budget.

Benefits You Can Enjoy

Your Unique Dental Implant Journey

Restoring your self-confidence and oral health with a beautiful smile is our top priority. With the use of our advanced dental technology and the extensive techniques and training of our dentists, crafting unique and personalized smiles can be done right here in the office. Your full arch dental implants procedure will begin with a consultation with our dentists. Here, we will discuss your medical history, dental concerns, and smile goals. We will then obtain digital x-rays and digital images as well as complete a full oral exam to evaluate the state of your current oral health. Once a treatment plan is crafted utilizing our 3D smile preview technology, you will undergo surgery. Our dentists will administer your preferred sedation services and follow our all-on-4 to six protocol. Our all-on-4 to six protocol allows for the placement of four to six full mouth dental implants into your jawbone. This will limit jawbone recession and provide a sturdy foundation for your final restoration. Once placed, we will attach a temporary restoration so you can enjoy the benefits of your full arch dental implants immediately! Following your procedure, your mouth will heal through a process called osseointegration – the process of dental implants healing and fusing with your jawbone. Once healed after a few months, your final restoration will be attached. From here, you can reap the full benefits of your permanent, brand-new smile!

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