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Find out the Three Secrets to Keeping the Teeth Clean and Healthy

At New Smiles Dental, we often have patients come into our practice with oral health concerns. However, many of the conditions that develop on the smile are completely preventable. Our team, including Drs. Nathan Doyel, Ben Aanderud, and Ashley Bennett are dedicated to helping individuals in achieving healthy smiles while giving them the knowledge they […]

General TreatmentsThe Way to a Healthy Heart is Through the Mouth, Really!

The Way to a Healthy Heart is Through the Mouth, Really!

Heart health is something that interests a lot of adults today. Research is pointing out that we are outdoing our ancestors regarding life expectancy, and this is a statistic with both pros and cons. On the upside, we get more years to fulfill that Bucket List. Conversely, living longer means that we need to put […]

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How Water Could be your Mouth’s Best Friend

There is something special about having a BFF, that friend you know you can count on to hold secrets, hold the door, hold your hand during good times and bad. Just as the heart needs a BFF, so does the mouth. Your teeth and gums need continual care if an oral disease is to be […]

Sealing the Smile Against Cavities

Sealing the Smile Against Cavities

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that you could go years without needing a dental filling? This is actually the goal of preventive dentistry. The team at New Smiles Dental would love to help you avoid cavities and the other dental problems that stem from oral bacteria. Using dental sealants, we may be able to […]

Change your Smile, Change your Life . . . Really?

Change your Smile, Change your Life . . . Really?

One of the mottos of our practice is “change your smile, change your life.” Some people may read that and think it’s nothing more than a marketing term designed to create a desire for a better smile. The truth is, a lot of people would like to have a better smile. Although, this is not […]

How Hydration is Good for your Smile

How Hydration Is Good for Your Smile

When you think of ways to reduce your risk of common dental problems, such as cavities and gum disease, your mind may immediately go to brushing and flossing. Of course! You have been educated on the virtues of oral hygiene since you were a young child! Next to cleaning your teeth every morning and night, […]

Let’s Take Some Time To Play

Let’s Take Some Time To Play

The play is an important aspect of a high-quality life. Dentistry often feels like serious business, so we want to lighten up here for just a few minutes. We’re going to put you in the spotlight (well, we always do) and let you test what you know about oral care and dentistry in this short […]

Cavities Can Be A Catastrophe

Cavities Can Be a Catastrophe

Cavities are such a common problem that most people expect to need a filling every now and then. In many cases, the whole hide and seek game with cavities slows down quite a bit once we hit adulthood and have gained the know-how we need to cleanse the mouth of acid and debris. Typically, brushing […]

Might This Change Your Mind About Seeing the Dentist?

Are dental visits at the bottom of your list of favorite things to do? Many people share this attitude. Some even express it rather intensely, exclaiming “I hate the dentist!” Ouch! We get it. We know that, in most cases, it’s not that people really hate the person that is their dentist. What they hate is […]

Routine Dental Care May Do More Than You Think

Routine Dental Care May Do More Than You Think

Today, it seems as though “busyness” is the name of the game. We are busy during the week because of work. We are busy during the weekends trying to get everything done that we can’t do during the week. Busy is the New Black, and it could be causing a lot more problems than we […]

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