Gingivitis? Act Fast! | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

Gingivitis? Act Fast!

You’ve been told you have gingivitis, or you’re noticing the symptoms of this early form of gum disease. Sure, a little “pink in the sink” isn’t such an alarming problem, but it indicates that an alarming problem is on the horizon. If you act fast at this point, you may be able to reverse the […]

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When You Need a Crown, We’ve Got You Covered | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

When You Need a Crown, We’ve Got You Covered

Needing a dental crown is a drag. We can understand that. There is very little to look forward to after getting a crown – unless you place a lot of value on comfort and your ability to chew. We know you do. At the same time, who wouldn’t rather spend time in the dentist’s office […]

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Cracked Tooth? Here’s What May Have Happened! | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

Cracked Tooth? Here’s What May Have Happened!

Our teeth are hard and strong. We use them to chew dense foods, hard foods, and sometimes to chew our fingernails (tsk, tsk!). We’re so used to using our teeth that, when a rogue kernel of popcorn causes a crack, we may feel betrayed and confused. How is it that a perfectly stable tooth could […]

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Sealing the Smile Against Cavities | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

Sealing the Smile Against Cavities

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that you could go years without needing a dental filling? This is actually the goal of preventive dentistry. The team at New Smiles Dental would love to help you avoid cavities and the other dental problems that stem from oral bacteria. Using dental sealants, we may be able to […]

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Summertime Radiance: Bring it! | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

Summertime Radiance: Bring it!

The summer months are often just as exciting as the holiday season. We visit with friends and family around bonfires and enjoy the lusciousness of summertime meals. All of the gatherings of summer also lead us to become aware of how we look. As you may know, one of the best ways to bring out […]

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Bad Breath: Say it Ain’t So! | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

Bad Breath: Say it Ain’t So!

By and large, most of us do everything that we can to keep our mouth as healthy and fresh as possible. There is a widespread understanding of the value of healthy teeth and gums. Good oral care should also solidify a continual state of freshness on the breath, too, right? Not exactly. Halitosis, or chronic […]

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Summertime Smile Favors | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

Summertime Smile Favors

Summertime is one of the best times of year in our area. The weather warms up and we look forward to a few weeks, or even a few days off to head to the coast, or to Grandmas, or to a tropical location accessible only by plane. If you’ve ever hit the open road or […]

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