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Innovative Treatments For Maximized Comfort

Providing top-notch, high quality dental care is our commitment to each and every patient in our Sherwood, OR office, and our extensive training and advanced technology allow us to incorporate our expertise excellence into every appointment. Dr. Doyel and Dr. Aanderud & Dr. Aanderud and our compassionate team utilize our innovative dental laboratory full of advanced dental technology to create exceptional smiles with precision. Our full mouth dental implant lab is at the forefront of the dentistry field with groundbreaking technological advancements to provide comprehensive, safe, and predictable treatments for every patient and every dental concern.

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Our State-of-The-Art Dental Technology

Experience More With Dental Technology

While our dental lab streamlines our dental procedures, it offers more than just a smooth appointment. By offering an on-site dental lab, every single part of your dental procedure can be done by one dentist, in one location from start to finish, eliminating the need for a third-party. Our dental lab allows our dentists and our exceptional staff to offer a wide range of affordable dental procedures, tailored treatment options, and fewer appointments. Our New Smiles dental lab customizes any treatment plan, such as affordable dental implants, Invisalign orthodontic services, porcelain veneer placement, creation of dental crowns and bridges, and gum grafts, with ease to ensure your completed treatment plan is perfectly tailored to you!

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With the advancements in dentistry, we’re able to bring world-class care to Sherwood, OR. With the help of our on-site dental lab, every treatment plan is streamlined from the very beginning and delivers precise results the first time, every time. Without having to outsource to a third-party lab, your entire treatment process will be handled by our dentists, which keeps costs low, manageable and affordable. Because of this, you can expect that the consistent results from your personalized treatment plan will match your smile goals perfectly. This technology removes the guesswork when it comes to creating these treatment plans, making each procedure simple, comfortable, and minimally invasive. We’re proud to offer care that’s advanced, accurate, and precise to design smiles that are made to last.

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