Are You More Prone To Cavities Than Others?

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Does it seem as though every time you visit your dentist, another cavity has developed? Many patients might find that they are experiencing a significant number of cavities, even if they are following the American Dental Association’s recommendations for caring for their smile. You may even be thinking you are just more prone to cavities. But is this possible?

It could be. It has been found that an individual’s risk of developing cavities can be determined due to one’s genetic factors. Individuals who have a family history of cavities may find themselves being told more often that they have small areas of tooth decay within their smiles. But this isn’t the only factor that one has to take into consideration to determine the threat of cavities to their smiles.

Below are just a few reasons why one patient might develop more cavities than another:

  • Preferences for sweets. Have you been told that you have a “sweet tooth?” Do you find yourself reaching for chocolate as a snack instead of fruits and vegetables? You may be putting yourself at a higher risk of developing cavities than those who choose healthy alternatives.
  • Dry mouth. Many prescription medications can contribute to a side effect like dry mouth, which leaves your mouth with less saliva than necessary to maintain a healthy smile. Without saliva, the mouth cannot wash away food particles and bacteria that can contribute to common dental problems, leaving one more prone to cavities.
  • Upbringing. Your upbringing can significantly impact your chance of developing cavities. There has continually been a link in the way children take care of their teeth based on the way their parents do. Preventative care is often taught at home, and if this was overlooked or not developed properly, children may find themselves with dental problems later on.

Interested in improving your oral health?

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