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Your smile is the first impression you give to others. When you flash your smile, does it give you a sense of confidence or embarrassment? Patients who take good care of their smile and avoid problems such as periodontal disease and tooth decay can greatly enhance the appearance of the smile, as well as health. At New Smiles Dental, we welcome Sherwood, OR area patients ready to achieve the smile of their dreams!

What can I do to keep my smile healthy?

There are many ways in which patients can take care of their smiles. They include:

• Routine dental visits. By letting a dentist evaluate the smile on a regular basis, patients can catch problems early enough to successfully intervene and treat. Periodontal disease and tooth decay can be found during these evaluations, and the dentist can discuss with patients the ways in which they can bring their smile back to health. This may include placing dental fillings.

• Professional cleanings. Our dental hygienists are pleased to provide thorough cleanings when patients visit the dental office. These cleanings ensure our patients enjoy their best, most beautiful smile!

• Brushing after every meal. Acids, sugars, and other ingredients in the food that sit on the teeth for an extended time after meals can cause the formation of decay or disease. Patients who brush their teeth after every meal, including snacks, are more likely to maintain a healthy smile than those who brush once or twice a day. Keeping the teeth clean and healthy requires a serious commitment to oral health.

• Flossing after meals. In addition to brushing after meals, patients should floss as well to remove food particles that often become trapped between teeth and dental appliances.

• Eating right. Avoiding high sugar foods and beverages, such as sodas and candies, can also reduce the likelihood of developing tooth decay or periodontal disease that can negatively impact the smile.

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Take care of the smile and avoid periodontal disease and tooth decay! Call New Smiles Dental at (503) 925-9595 to schedule a consultation appointment and cleaning, or visit our office at 17680 SW Handley, Ste. 101 to request a visit. Our practice is always inviting new patients and families to learn more about dental solutions available for their smiles, including preventative care!


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