Who Is A Good Candidate For A Dental Implant?

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Tooth loss caused by trauma, disease, or infection can leave patients with more than just an empty space in their smile—it can impact the way they eat, speak, and feel about themselves. When this occurs, it is essential that patients speak with our dental team about the benefit of dental implants, one of our many solutions for tooth loss.

Understanding how dental implants work

Implants in the body, or replacements, such as hip replacements and knee replacements, are often made of a biocompatible metal called titanium. The same applies to dental implants. A titanium post is inserted into the jawbone during oral surgery. The post sticks out above the gumline with an abutment, which is then restored by the dentist using a crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants anchor the restoration and function just like natural teeth do. This makes them a highly desirable option for the patients who come to our practice seeking tooth replacement solutions.

The implant works as a tooth root replacement. It is placed into the jawbone and stimulates the process of osseointegration, in which the bone grows around it and solidifies it into the jaw. This is what gives the implant it’s strong and sturdy foundation. Once restored over the top abutment, it can function for life as a permanent tooth replacement. Longevity and function are the two main reasons why a patient might consider a dental implant for their smile.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

The dental implant is most appropriate for patients who  have sufficient bone in the jaw to allow for osseointegration to occur. If there is not enough bone available, bone grafting can be considered. Otherwise, patients may want to discuss the benefits of alternative options such as bridges or dentures for replacing their missing tooth or teeth.

Discuss dental implants with the team at New Smiles Dental

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