How Water Could Be Your Mouth’s Best Friend

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There is something special about having a BFF, that friend you know you can count on to hold secrets, hold the door, hold your hand during good times and bad. Just as the heart needs a BFF, so does the mouth. Your teeth and gums need continual care if an oral disease is to be avoided. The problem is that, for many of us, brushing and flossing feel like an enormous chore.

Brushing twice a day, because it is such an ingrained habit, may be relatively easy to remember. Flossing, however, seems to be oh so easy to forget, doesn’t it? We can see this reflected in a large number of people who are diagnosed with some stage of gum disease during their life. Hopefully, we can catch inflammation before it extends far beneath the gums, where bacteria can infect ligament and bone tissue. With 80% of adults affected by gum disease, we need to do something to reduce risk. Interestingly enough, one way we might do this is with water.

Flossing Takes on a New Form

Research has indicated the clear value of flossing. People who floss are much less likely to suffer cavities, inflammation, and infection on the tooth surfaces that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. Research also suggests that it is in these hard to reach places where most adulthood cavities develop. Seeing this, it is necessary to do whatever it takes to up the flossing game. To do this, you may want to try a water irrigator in addition to, or even in lieu of, floss.

The most recognized water irrigator is the Waterpik. This home unit is somewhat similar to the oral irrigation performed during dental procedures and cleanings. It works by combining pressure and water to remove debris from the mouth. After brushing, this stream of water can be easily directed to the gum line and in between teeth.

Water irrigation may not be as efficient as a thread of floss. However, if flossing is a forgotten task due to mindset or dexterity issues, this technique may be the best option. Talk with your dentist about oral irrigation and its potential benefits for your gum health. Schedule your visit to New Smiles Dental at (503) 925-9595.


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