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At New Smiles Dental, we pride ourselves on giving patients from the Sherwood area the quality, friendly care they need to sustain oral health all the way through childhood and adulthood. One of the interesting things that tend to occur over decades of time is that adults lose their focus on the value of their healthy, attractive smile. There may be an idea that, at some point after mid-life, the focus shifts from noticing how the smile looks to ensuring the smile works. We think there’s more to the idea of oral health than that.

Beauty at Every Age

If we were to look at the popularity of cosmetic surgeries like the facelift or brow lift and even of non-surgical beauty treatments, we would see that there are a decent number of older adults interested in these rejuvenating techniques. The smile is no different than the skin when it comes to maintaining aesthetic beauty. In fact, the smile may be the most powerful feature of them all.

Research has pointed out, numerous times, the impact an attractive smile can have on our overall wellness and success in life. A smile that is bright and attractive is welcoming. It tells others that we are friendly and interested in getting to know them. Researchers have even discovered that attractive teeth indicate a higher level if personal success, integrity, and energy. Who doesn’t want their smile to portray them in such a great light! Indeed, even the older generation may be interested in this. Here’s why . . .

Studies show that we are living longer today. Evidence of this is revealed in the way the line of demarcation has blurred around the time of retirement age. At what age do Baby Boomers retire? Certainly not at 65, like previous generations. These days, we continually see older adults leading active lives that include thriving socialization and career success. Older adults are dating; they are volunteering, they are building businesses. They are interested in aging well.

Your smile is your Welcome Sign, and we can polish it up to reveal its best attributes. Learn more about our cosmetic and restorative services at (503) 925-9595.


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