Gingivitis? Act Fast!

Gingivitis? Act Fast! | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

You’ve been told you have gingivitis, or you’re noticing the symptoms of this early form of gum disease. Sure, a little “pink in the sink” isn’t such an alarming problem, but it indicates that an alarming problem is on the horizon. If you act fast at this point, you may be able to reverse the inflammation that has developed in the gums around a few, or all, of your teeth. Reversing gingivitis may be the best thing you ever do for your mouth and your body, seeing the many health conditions that are related to periodontal disease.

How can you reverse gingivitis? It’s not very difficult at all . . .

Act Now

First, it is important to note that gingivitis is the only stage of gum disease in which there is an opportunity to stop infection in its tracks. The reason that the gingival tissue, or gum tissue, becomes inflamed is that oral bacteria have deposited acidic product across this delicate area of the mouth. Acidity degrades the strength of the gums, which loosens the bond between gums and teeth. Pockets form and bacteria then move right on into this hidden gem of a home. Acting fast, you can prevent this process from occurring, and the deep root damage that comes with it. How do you act fast?

Talk with your Dentist

There are steps that you can take on your own, and we will discuss them, but a thorough dental exam should occur first. Your dentist has the tools to see what you don’t, and the techniques to get in there and stop the path of oral bacteria quickly. This may mean that you need a deep cleaning to remove plaque from periodontal pockets. It may mean topical antibiotics applied into those pockets. Whatever it takes needs to be done. Then . . .

Commit, Commit, Commit!

Fighting gum disease takes commitment. Daily care is crucial to the battle against inflammation and infection. Luckily, this pretty much means brushing as your dentist instructs. Also, brushing morning and night, with care, washes debris out of the mouth, robbing bacteria of their food-source. Flossing is also a must. Finally, watch what you eat and drink. Inflammation and infection in the mouth may stem from the acidity of the oral environment. This can come from, or be made worse by consuming coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and acidic foods.

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