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When you see the dentist, it is because you want to get something. You want to get teeth and gums that are healthy, and that will serve you for your lifetime. On the other end of dental care is your dentist who wants to provide you with the care you need to enjoy good oral health year after year. This is what we call value, and dentistry should be valuable if anything, right? This idea of valuable dental care extends into all areas, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry alike. It extends right into every treatment. This is why dental implants have continued to gain ground in restorative dentistry over the years.

Tooth Loss and Well-Being

Our very well-being is tied to our smile. We often don’t recognize this until a serious problem has occurred, such as tooth loss. We’ve made such strides in dentistry that tooth loss has become far less common than it was only about 100 years ago (thankfully!). This problem has not been fully eradicated, yet, though, which means there is a need for reliable replacement. To achieve this requires more than simply putting new teeth in the mouth; it means to meet very specific needs.

  • It may seem like a good denture adequately restores form to the mouth. Although it does rebuild the visible part of the smile, there is also a serious drawback to this approach: there is no base, no anchor. The true oral form needs a base. Roots provide value to teeth, as well as the jawbone, as well as the face. To live without them by wearing traditional dentures means to miss out on the fullness of a healthy smile.
  • Where there is no anchor, there is no stability. To fully restore form to the smile means to reinstate the stable substructure that keeps teeth in place. This is precisely what dental implants do. Dental implants act that anchor that is needed to keep everything from a crown to a full denture from slipping out of place.

Form and function are the characteristics of successful tooth replacement. Additionally, dental implants offer convenience in the area of maintenance. The structures that are encased in the bone of the jaw need no special care. To keep implants in optimal condition, daily oral care such as brushing and flossing as instructed by your dentist is what is needed, and it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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