Let’s Take Some Time To Play

Let’s Take Some Time To Play

The play is an important aspect of a high-quality life. Dentistry often feels like serious business, so we want to lighten up here for just a few minutes. We’re going to put you in the spotlight (well, we always do) and let you test what you know about oral care and dentistry in this short quiz. Have fun!

True or False

  1. Soda is the worst thing you can drink if you want healthy teeth.

False. To mitigate the effects of sugar, many people choose diet soda. They may also choose sports drinks for themselves or their children, or carbonated flavored waters. These beverages may be sugar-free, but they are still formulated with highly acidic ingredients. One study suggests that it takes only 1 week to notice erosion on teeth after daily consumption of a single sports drink.

  1. Root canal therapy is painful and very lengthy.

False. There is an enormous misconception about root canal therapy that began many years ago. One reason that people may think the procedure itself is painful is that tooth pain often precedes the root canal. Did you read that? It’s a toothache that hurts, not the restorative care that is performed.

If you need tooth repair and are concerned about the experience, talk to us about sedation dentistry options that will suit your needs!

  1. Porcelain veneers may be the best way to whiten discolored teeth.

True. In most cases of discoloration, professional teeth whitening does the trick. However, there are some stains that originate inside the tooth. These are referred to as intrinsic stains. When discoloration stems from an injury or from some disruption when the tooth was forming, such as too much fluoride, stains may not lift with bleach. These stains can be disguised with lifelike porcelain veneers.

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