Did You Know THIS Could Alleviate Your Dental Anxiety?

Did You Know THIS Could Alleviate Your Dental Anxiety?

If we were to take a poll of any number of people, we would be surprised to find even a handful that would say they have no issue whatsoever with seeing the dentist. The fact is, most people feel at least slightly unnerved when they set foot into their dentist’s office – even if they like their dental providers! It could be a fear of the unknown (are your teeth really as healthy as you think?), or it could be the unpleasantness of having someone so darn close to your face for any length of time.

Whatever the reason for your aversion to dental care, there is hope. Using one or more stress-reducing techniques, you may find that your future dental visits are much more enjoyable.

  • beautiful distraction. Distraction is one of the best ways to manage stress and anxiety, but it has to be something that is appealing to your senses. A simple and effective go-to for many people is music. No special type; just tunes that speak to your heart. Whether you love the hits of the 80s or meditation music, the distraction calms your senses while also drowning out the sounds of dental instruments.
  • Eat away your nerves. We would never suggest “comfort eating” to deal with stress. What we mean by eating away your nerves is that you can benefit from foods proven to aid in stress management. Tea, dark chocolate, and walnuts are all good for the body and the mind, and may be a great pre-visit snack – just be sure to brush!
  • Let us help you. We are pleased to offer sedation dentistry services to patients of our Sherwood office. Several methods are available, which enables you to benefit from personalized dental care.

If you want to avoid the stress of dental problems, it is necessary to see your dentist on a regular basis. We would much prefer that you schedule exams and cleanings every six months than to avoid care until you have no other choice. Sedation can help, as can our friendly, gentle nature.

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