Leave Teeth Whitening To Your Dentist

teeth whitening

Most people would like to have teeth that sparkle and shine brightly. Because the smile has an enormous impact on social and professional interactions as well as your sense of confidence, addressing the issue of discoloration can change your life.

The Value of an Attractive Smile
Research demonstrates the immense value of a beautiful smile. A high percentage of adults report associating white teeth with honesty, success, friendliness, and other positive traits. Furthermore, market research shows that people with attractive smiles tend to have greater professional success, negotiating higher salaries and enjoying job promotions more than colleagues with less attractive smile. Even employers report a greater tendency to offer positions to attractive applicants, even when counterparts are as qualified or more qualified for the job.

Teeth Whitening a Fast Path to a Beautiful Smile With discoloration one of the most common cosmetic complaints, it makes sense to consider teeth whitening for enhanced beauty. Teeth whitening is a procedure that has been attempted by humans for hundreds of years. It was only in the last hundred years when dentists pinpointed the precise technique that could remove stains without damaging enamel. More recently, we have seen numerous DIY methods promoted by those who claim to have tried them.

While there are many things that you can do yourself, teeth whitening is not one of them. Home kits sold in the store seem simple enough, but they are not capable of giving most people what they want. This is because, in order to be safe, they can only contain small amounts of active ingredients. Without higher concentrations of peroxide, only minimal results are possible. Other DIY methods such as brushing with lemon juice and baking soda are reminiscent of the ancient techniques that humans quickly discovered were more damaging than beneficial.

Don’t leave your smile to chance; trust your teeth whitening process to your dentist. Professional teeth whitening is conducted in a controlled manner and after teeth and gums have been thoroughly examined. Our home whitening service is safe and effective, lifting stains from enamel one day at a time. With this type of a system, you can tailor your whitening treatment to your needs, using the product less frequently if you experience sensitivity, or as recommended to achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time.

You can have a smile that reflects your inner vibrancy. Schedule a teeth whitening consultation with us today.


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