Why Dental Implant Treatment Makes Sense

Root Canal

There are a number of ways that implants are used in modern medicine. Patients with bad knees or bad hearts benefit immensely from the use of appropriate implanted joints or stents. Doctors implant medications, and structural components to enhance physical appearance. At New Smiles Dental, patients can discover the benefits of implantology for the restoration of oral structure after tooth loss.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are very small posts that are typically made of titanium. This material has been used successfully in medical implantology for many years, so it is a natural choice for dentistry. In clinical studies, it has been shown that there is a direct fusion between bone tissue and titanium, rather than a process of encasing the new root structure.

Replacement of the missing root is the intent of implant treatment. The procedure, performed with local anesthetic and, if requested, with sedation, involves the strategic placement of one or more implants using precision technique. The inserted post is covered with gum tissue, allowing it to remain undisturbed as bone grows around it. Because the soft tissues heal within a few days, most patients experience very little, if any, post-surgical discomfort.

Replicating Natural Structure, It’s Only Natural!

Dental implant treatment is regarded as the optimal method of tooth replacement today. This is because it is the only treatment intended to replicate natural oral structure. Longstanding treatments such as a fixed bridge or dentures meet only a fraction of your needs for chewing function and natural beauty. Research demonstrates the value of teeth roots, and the consequences of their absence.

One of the most significant advantages to implant dentistry is the positive effect that implants have on the jawbone. Without roots, bone tissue is not sufficiently stimulated during mastication. Over time, this lack of stimulation translates into bone loss. If you have ever observed the face of a person who has worn dentures for some time, you know the telltale “sunken” appearance that occurs when bone does not regenerate as it should. When we replace roots, as well as teeth, using dental implants and the appropriate restorations, bone loss occurs at a much slower pace than it would otherwise. Most patients are able to enjoy healthy facial contours for their lifetime when tooth loss is addressed with dental implants.

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