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In today’s fast-moving world it is often that we take some things for granted — even taking care of ourselves. Sometimes we fail to keep our health in check. A common manifestation for lack of dental care is tooth decay.

The horrors of dental decay

There are different kinds of bacteria found inside our mouths. Some of these are useful, yet some play a big part in the formation of tooth decay. Not only does decay destroy our teeth, it also gives us unpleasant breath and even severe pain. Nothing good ever really comes with it.

Keeping your teeth in excellent condition

Keep dental decay at bay by brushing your teeth regularly at least two times a day, which will help prevent the build-up of bad bacteria in your mouth. It is strongly recommended that you use toothpaste that is rich in fluoride when toothbrushing, which is ideally done right after meals. Remember to also clean the areas in between the teeth with interdental cleaner or floss. This way, you can remove those tiny food debris that your toothbrush may not be able to reach. In cases where you cannot brush your teeth, a simple rinsing of the mouth would suffice to prevent bacteria from accumulating. Drinking fluoridated water is also a very good thing to do to combat tooth decay, which is more convenient as water supply systems are now serving the community with this kind of water.

In case of decay…

Call the team at New Smiles today to schedule an appointment to have your situation addressed right away. What we usually do is clean the infected tooth and add tooth-colored filling. This restores the tooth’s appearance and about 90% of its original strength. Just remember to do all the dental care after your session with the dentist and you will surely have happier days!

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