Laugh In The Face Of Dental Anxiety

Laugh In The Face of Dental Anxiety

You need to see the dentist. That twinge of pain is telling you so. And yet, the butterflies in your stomach take flight every time you pick up the phone to schedule your appointment. We get it. We are in the business of helping people get the care they need to enjoy good oral health throughout their lifetime. That means we also have to understand that, for many people, dental visits aren’t so cut-and-dry. If you are one who tends to put off those checkups and cleanings, we have an option that is worth considering.

Let’s Talk About Nitrous Oxide Sedation

It is important to us that patients of our Sherwood dental office are comfortable. We offer 4 different types of sedation. Because oral conscious sedation tends to get a lot of “air time,” it is easy to forget about the value of good old nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is an age-old form of sedation that is not only convenient but also safe and effective.  It has been widely used on patients of all ages who have mild to moderate dental anxiety. This sedative is often referred to as “laughing gas” because it is, literally, gas. Nitrous is inhaled, which has its unique benefit. Inhaled nitrous oxide quickly induces a relaxed state; we’re talking seconds. It’s quickness to reach the brain also means that dosage can be adjusted immediately to maintain the desired level of sedation. There is no metabolizing of the sedative because it is not ingested. This means it is extremely difficult to get too little or too much. Like Goldilocks, we get it just right.

In addition to quickly reducing any sense of anxiety and replacing it with an obvious feeling of wellbeing, a nitrous oxide is also a beneficial option for dental sedation because it is non-allergenic and suitable for patients with health conditions such as cardiovascular disease. Also, full alertness is restored within about five minutes of completion of care. To offset the effects of nitrous oxide, the ratio of oxygen is increased at the end of a procedure.

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