When You Need A Crown, We’ve Got You Covered

When You Need a Crown, We’ve Got You Covered | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

Needing a dental crown is a drag. We can understand that. There is very little to look forward to after getting a crown – unless you place a lot of value on comfort and your ability to chew. We know you do. At the same time, who wouldn’t rather spend time in the dentist’s office getting their teeth whitened or undergoing some other luxurious-feeling cosmetic procedure? Crowns? They’re just boring.

Yes, dental crowns are more functional and necessary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel good about getting this level of care for a damaged tooth. Crown treatment has changed quite a bit over the years. Now, we can reinstate structure without the use of any metal at all. This is a significant improvement to the all-metal crowns are grandparents, and some of our parents wore. It is even better than the metal-based crowns that seemed so good years ago, only to show us their dark side. That dark side peeks through where a crown and gums meet.

More and more patients are electing to have teeth repaired with porcelain crowns, and for a good reason. 

Dental Crown Benefits

  • How much would you value a beautiful crown if it didn’t last very long? Not much, right? We wouldn’t either. This is exactly why it has taken so long for dentistry to come of age in the use of quality and lifelike materials. Porcelain crowns can last as long, or longer than, the average metal or metal-based crown (a crown of metal covered with porcelain).
  • The trend today is to look as natural as possible. This has elevated the standards of dentistry and aesthetic medicine substantially, and that’s a good thing. Porcelain crowns are gaining popularity because they look like real teeth and add value to the smile.
  • The appearance of a crown is not the only way in which we want the familiar. In addition to looking like a real tooth, a crown should feel like a real tooth. The tongue is well-acquainted with the smooth feel of teeth. Porcelain mimics this feel, keeping the tongue happy.

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