Do You Dislike The Idea Of Multiple Visits? Get A New Smile In A Day!

Do you Dislike the Idea of Multiple Visits? Get a New Smile in a Day!

Tooth loss is one of the concerns that we help patients of our Sherwood dental office handle. It used to be that tooth-replacement meant just that. Tooth. Replacement. The thing is, tooth replacement didn’t necessarily equate to the restoration of full oral function. This could be seen most notably in patients who needed dentures. The reason being is that, without stress and stimulation, which comes through the roots of teeth, the jawbone would deteriorate over time.

Since the development of dental implants, the major problems associated with tooth replacement have been largely resolved. The insertion of tiny posts into the jawbone stimulates the regeneration of new bone. This new growth surrounds the post, which then facilitates the appropriate degree of stability for whatever size restoration is needed. That may be a crown, a bridge, or a full-arch denture. We wouldn’t describe dental implant as tooth replacement at all; more like full rehabilitation of the smile, of chewing function, and of a person’s confidence. That being said, patients do express their concerns related to the process.

A Better Standard, but not Perfect

The results of dental implant treatment make it worth the wait if there must be one. The process can take up to a year, and it may, in some cases, mean being without teeth for a day or so. If only one or two teeth are gone, the wait may not be unbearable. However, full-arch restoration can be frustrating when enmeshment of implant to bone takes several months. Fortunately, the initial development of dental implants was only the first step in an era of innovation.

New Achievements in Implant Dentistry

Over the past several years, oral surgeons have developed new techniques involving dental implants. One has been the strategic insertion of the tiny posts to maximize strength. This discovery has led to new treatments, such as New Smile in a Day, in which a full-arch bridge can be situated to a few dental implants immediately after placement. If needed, extractions may also be performed during this single-day procedure in which the temporary restoration is made in-house, affixed to implants, and ready for use that day.

Don’t let tooth loss negate your confidence and comfort. Contact us at (503) 925-9595 to learn about New Smile in a Day.


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