How Hydration Is Good For Your Smile

How Hydration is Good for your Smile

When you think of ways to reduce your risk of common dental problems, such as cavities and gum disease, your mind may immediately go to brushing and flossing. Of course! You have been educated on the virtues of oral hygiene since you were a young child! Next to cleaning your teeth every morning and night, though, would you place hydration at the top of the list of ways to prevent dental disease? Probably not.

Typically, we think of water consumption as it relates to general health. After all, the body is 60% water content. Losing hydration can mean that the organs don’t function as well as they should; that the skin dries out, and energy stores are hard to maintain. But there’s more. Water is good for the health of your teeth and gums in a direct way.

A Good Cleansing

In the mouth, just as throughout the body, there are good and bad “bugs.” Bacteria are a natural byproduct of being alive and well. The problem with having these living organisms in the body is that imbalance may occur. If the bad types of bacteria overtake the good types, you can count on some problems. Because the mouth is a naturally acidic environment, this is an area in which bacterial activity may be easily thrown off-balance. Drinking water does not replace brushing and flossing; it is a wonderful complement to those habits, though, because it flushes tooth surfaces and small crevices of debris.

Staying in the Flow

One of the things that happen if you become dehydrated is that your saliva flow decreases. You may have noticed this from time to time if you are playing hard at a sport, or have been outside on a hot day without a refreshing beverage. Hydration is necessary for saliva to flow properly, and adequate saliva flow is a must for a healthy mouth. Saliva protects teeth. It dilutes sugars and another residue that could increase acidity. To keep the flow going, sip water throughout the day.

Seeing how much good comes from drinking plenty of water every day, it becomes much easier to remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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