Bring On The Brilliance, Hold The Sensitivity

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Why consider Teeth Whitening?

If you’re like most adults that we meet on a daily basis, chances are you’d like to add a little more brilliance back into your smile. We are no different! There is something to be said for having beautifully white teeth. When we do, we naturally feel more inclined to smile, laugh, and speak with ease and confidence. The beauty of the smile goes far beyond the release of endorphins when we express joy; its beauty also affects how we are perceived when we interact with others in our professional and social circles.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. over-the-counter whitening

To get a brighter smile means seeing your dentist for professional care. Yes, you could go to the nearest retailer and pick up a package of whitening strips. This is what many of our patients do before they see us for teeth whitening (there’s a hint in that statement!). You might also try some of the DIY methods that are circulated online, although you may harm your teeth in the process, so we really wouldn’t recommend that. What stops many people from consulting with their dentist about whitening is not so much the idea that treatment is not necessary, but the apprehension that revolves around sensitivity from the process.

Don’t be so Sensitive!
Your teeth get sensitive when you whiten them. They just can’t help it. The degree of sensitivity that you may experience is unique to you, and it may be so mild that you wonder why you waited so long to bring out the best in your smile. The sensitivity side effect that often occurs during whitening results from a number of factors. The first is the breakdown of proteins on the surface of teeth. It is necessary to penetrate this film in order to reach stains. Without it, though, teeth may become more responsive. As the gentle peroxide penetrates the pores of enamel, the resulting circulation of blood through teeth heightens nerve response, causing sensitivity. These effects are temporary, as is the responsiveness of teeth nerves. Soon after the whitening process is complete, sensations go back to normal.

Is there a way to reduce tooth sensitivity?

It is possible to reduce sensitivity as you get the brilliant smile you want. You may use sensitive-teeth toothpaste, or a pH balancing oral rinse, throughout your process. Simply rinsing the mouth out with water after you whiten may also be sufficient to maximize comfort.

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