Want To Live Longer? Attend To Your Teeth!

Want to Live Longer? Attend to Your Teeth! | New Smiles | Sherwood OR

Good health is something that the large majority of adults today prioritize. We want to look good, no matter our age. And we also want to feel good. Disease is something that we want to avoid, and we have numerous habits that we may engage in to do that. We may avoid too much fat in our diet, or too much alcohol. We may stop smoking, or take up yoga – or both! Whatever it is that you do to keep your body as healthy as possible, be sure to also remember your mouth.

Oral Care: it’s not all about Cavity-prevention

Brushing and flossing may be activities that you do every day to avoid painful problems like cavities and gum disease. But did you know that oral care is also integral to your general health and wellness? Did you know that researchers have found the same type of bacterium that live in infected gums in heart tissues and arteries? That oral health is a primary indicator of heart attack risk? That poor oral health is linked to six of the top seven causes of death, including stroke and Alzheimer’s?

The Good and the Bad about Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural response to a physical wound. If you get a cut on your hand, you may notice slight swelling and redness around it. This is a sign that your body has begun its inflammatory response intended to heal that injury. Like that cut on the hand, gum disease is also a type of wound. It is an infection in the mouth that the body wants to heal. So, it engages that inflammatory response to do so. If the original condition, gum disease, is not resolved through proper treatment, the chronic inflammation expands far beyond the source. It resides in the body, like a time-bomb just waiting for the fuse to be lit by a factor that will lead to disease.

Let’s Look at the Good News

The research surrounding gum disease and its potential to exacerbate deadly health conditions can be more than a little alarming. We do not bring up the topic of oral-systemic health to frighten our patients, but to explain why it is so important to keep the mouth healthy. Partnering with your dentist, and committing to twice-a-year visits for exam and cleaning, is a great way to protect your smile – and your health.

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