Have One Of These Fears? Dental Sedation Can Help!

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At New Smiles Dental, it is important to us that our patients feel comfortable. Sometimes, fear can stand in the way of making dentistry the productive experience it can be. This is not good for our patients, and it’s not good for their long-term oral health. Dental anxiety can actually even have a detrimental effect on dental care itself, impeding our ability to foster the trusting relationship we want to build with each patient. To reduce stress means to change the entire experience. We do this with sedation.

When to consider Sedation Dentistry

Typically, sedation dentistry is considered a necessary aspect of care for the patient who suffers intense dental anxiety. This is not always the case. There are numerous scenarios that can be improved with sedation. These include:

  • Mild anxiety. There is no gauge for whether or not you qualify for dental sedation. If you have major fears or mild feelings of anxiousness, these can keep you from wanting to see the dentist. A lighter form of sedation can help you sustain healthy teeth and gums by helping you relax during exams and cleanings.
  • Strong gag reflex. If you are a person who has a difficult time brushing your teeth without gagging, it is understandable that you might feel more than a wee bit anxious about having your dentist or hygienist poking around in your mouth. One of the hidden benefits of sedation is that it minimizes the gag reflex, creating a much more comfortable exam and treatment process.
  • Extensive work. It can be especially daunting to see the dentist when you need or want to have a substantial amount of work done. Sedation makes it possible to combine procedures into a single visit. You may not necessarily feel anxious about treatment, but you may want to just get it done, and sedation can keep you comfortable and relaxed so this can happen.
  • Pain management. Usually, local anesthetic does the trick at managing comfort during dental treatments. Sedation extends the effects of numbing medication, making it ideal for patients who may not become numb as easily or stay numb all the way through treatment.

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