Why Do I Need Regular Dental X-Rays?

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Regular dental x-rays are a vital part of maintaining good oral health and preventing the development of cavities and gum disease. Routine dental x-rays allow your dentist to identify any problems in your teeth or gums before they become more serious, which helps you avoid painful and costly treatments in the future.

How often do I need dental x-rays?

The dentists at New Smiles Dental in Sherwood, OR, recommend getting a complete set of digital dental x-rays at least once every year or two, depending on your unique circumstances. If you have not had a recent dental exam or experienced some changes since your last visit, then it is imperative to get these essential diagnostic tests done as soon as possible.

What can dental x-rays be used for?

Dental x-rays provide valuable information to your dentist about the condition of your teeth and gums. They can be used to detect cavities, developmental abnormalities in the roots, cysts or abscesses on the jawbone, bone loss around existing dental restorations, gum disease affecting the bone tissue surrounding your teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and other issues.

Are dental x-rays safe?

X-rays do expose patients to a low dose of radiation. However, the amount of radiation used to create dental x-ray images is minor and can be done safely as required. If you have any concerns about radiation exposure or are worried about specific issues such as pregnancy, you should always voice this information to your dentist. This will ensure safety throughout the process. Keep in mind that these tests are necessary for good oral health and should typically only be taken as recommended by a dental professional at New Smiles Dental.

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