How To Address Teeth Out Of Alignment

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While we appreciate our teeth for all they do, including allowing us to chew and digest food and speak clearly to others, many find that they may be dissatisfied with their smile due to crooked, misshapen, or gapped teeth. The team at New Smiles Dental understands that many patients will hesitate to bring up the idea of straightening their teeth for fear of needing conventional, unsightly braces. Fortunately, patients have other options now thanks to advances in the field of orthodontia. This includes straightening the smile with a more discreet option such as clear braces.

What are clear braces and how do they work?

Clear braces is a term that is oftentimes used to describe treatment that doesn’t require traditional metal brackets and wires. Also known as clear aligners, this treatment achieves straighter smile differently. Instead of gluing brackets to the surfaces of the teeth and connecting them with wires that are adjusted for movement, clear aligner trays are a series of trays that are custom-fabricated for a patient from digital impressions of their current smile. Each tray is made of clear medical-grade plastic and is worn for two weeks over the dental arch. Patients progress through their treatment series, wearing each tray one at a time, until they reach their last tray—and their final results. Clear aligners work effectively for patients with mild to moderate malocclusion, and can realign teeth and the bite for better function and beauty.

Who is a candidate for clear aligners?

Patients who have mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth or what to realign their bite will want to ask the team at New Smiles Dental if they are good candidates for this or other alternative options. Patients with severe misalignment or overcrowding may still be referred to an outside orthodontist for traditional braces if they are not a good fit.

Ready to achieve a straighter smile?

If you live in the Sherwood, OR area and want to speak to one of our professionals about the use of clear aligners to straighten the teeth, call New Smiles Dental at (503) 925-9595. Request an appointment at our office, conveniently located at 17680 SW Handley, Ste. #101. We are open to new and existing patients and families, and are excited to offer clear aligners as an alternative to traditional metal bracket and wire braces.


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