Restoring The Appearance Of The Smile With Composite Resin Bonding Materials

Cosmetic Bonding Sherwood, OR

At New Smiles Dental, Drs. Nathan Doyel, Ben Aanderud, and Ashley Bennet are pleased to offer patients in the Sherwood, OR community and beyond a variety of options for enhancing the smile. This includes cosmetic procedures such as composite resin bonding.

Understanding composite resin bonding

Composite resin bonding, sometimes referred to as dental bonding, is the use of a special material to restore the smile. This particular material is like a clay substance that can be shaped and hardened into position. The benefit of composite resin bonding is that it provides a same day solution to issues such as chipped and cracked teeth. It can be used to cover up permanently stained teeth, or to disguise issues such as gaps between them. Our dentists find that patients are able to quickly address problem areas of the smile with this treatment and enjoy a cosmetic enhancement for many years to come!

Benefits of composite resin bonding

Composite resin bonding is beneficial for many of our patients because it is:

  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Simple to care for
  • Easy to replace

How composite resin bonding is used

When patients have imperfections of the natural teeth, the option of composite resin bonding is often considered. The area being treated is carefully filed down to create a rough surface for the bonding to adhere. Then, composite resin bonding is applied to the tooth and positioned into the shape and size needed. A curing light hardens the material, which is then filed and polished by the dentist to look like natural tooth enamel. The entire process can take just a few minutes, ensuring patients have a fast and effective way of addressing imperfections.

Visit New Smiles Dental today!

Sherwood, OR area patients who are faced with imperfections of the smile will often find that composite resin bonding will provide them with a viable and affordable solution. Contact Drs. Nathan Doyel, Ben Aanderud, and Ashley Bennet today to discuss your options. The office can be reached at (503) 925-9595 and the practice is conveniently located in Suite #101 at 17682 SW Handley Street. Take the time to learn about the solutions that can be used to enhance your smile!


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