Losing Baby Teeth

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Do you have a child who is losing their baby teeth? Losing a baby tooth is the ultimate sign of a child stepping into the big kid world. To a child, losing their baby teeth is significant and more often even more memorable then learning how to read, write and even ride a bike.

If your child is losing their baby teeth it is important to recognize how important it is. To them, this is the big deal, so much so they keep track at school, of how many they have lost compared to their classmates. Baby teeth loosen as their roots dissolve, which clears the way for permanent teeth to grow in. In general the bottom two front teeth are usually the first to go. And then usually the top two front teeth. Here are some tips to help you with your children when they lose their baby teeth.

When do children lose their baby teeth?

Most children get their first loose tooth around age 5 or 6. It can happen as young as age 4 or as old as age 8 but in general the first and second grade is when children start to lose their baby teeth.

How long does it take to fall out after it is loose?

After a baby tooth becomes loose it will take about 2-3 months to fall out. Most of the time the teeth tend to fall out on their own. This is an exciting moment for a child who could be going about their day and then all of a sudden their tooth falls out. Sometimes teeth fall out in food or get stuck in food, or even get swallowed, which is harmless.

Loose teeth can also be extremely stubborn; sometimes they hang on by a thread for many weeks.

Is it okay for kids to wiggle them free?

Yes it is absolutely okay for children to wiggle their loose teeth. If there’s no root left, you should be able to pull it out rather easily. But don’t force the tooth, and do not ever tie it to a string and yank — if the root is only half dissolved, it could break and become infected.

Teething Pain

Losing baby teeth is usually painless. But sometimes the edge of the baby tooth cuts into the child gums and can cause pain. Pay attention if this happens because the gums could become swollen and some kids will complain that it hurts. A topical treatment of ibuprofen can help ease the pain. Please ensure your child maintains a healthy diet even if it hurts to eat or chew. Vegetable soup, pureed fruits or any healthy soft food will help them maintain overall balanced health.

Losing baby teeth can be an exciting time for your child and you. Make sure they continue to brush her teeth twice daily, and help them with flossing.


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