Cosmetic Dentistry: Embellish Your Teeth

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If you’re trying to maintain perfect looks, there is one crucial part you can’t overlook: your teeth. Oral hygiene and health play a pivotal role not only in the biological health of the body, but also in its overall appearance. A healthy and fresh looking body attracts positive attention from everyone around you, and a clean and bright smile is a large part of that. But if you sacrifice your dental health, both your overall health and appearance start to nosedive.

Because of the fine balance between health and beauty, contemporary dentistry caters to both health and looks. Whether you are trying to cover
up yellowed teeth, or replacing those that have fallen out, cosmetic dentistry embellishes your teeth in a subtle and natural way. You will look happy and healthy, and your smile will be beautiful but natural.

Pacific Family Dental and out staff are the go-tos when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Specializing in all kinds of dental procedures, we help you on the path to better oral health and appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth for a New Era

As hinted at above, cosmetic dentistry is the enhancement of the mouth for aesthetic purposes. Sometimes, such as with artificial teeth or tooth-colored fillings, this overlaps with general dentistry. Other times, it has no specific health benefit and is purely for looks. Some popular cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

  • Teeth whitening: Discolored teeth can heavily affect the beauty of your mouth. Because we all want the white teeth of supermodels, the most common procedure in cosmetic dentistry is teeth bleaching.
  • Dental bridges: These artificial, teeth-like structures are fixed in the mouth in order to fill gaps and enhance the overall appearance. Don’t walk around with missing teeth like a hill-billy!
  • Gum lift: This procedure is very common among people who are super conscious about their dental beauty. Various procedures such as cutting or filler injections are carried out in order to give the gums and teeth a more systematic and symmetrical look.

Get your appointment at New Smiles with Dr. Nathan Doyel. He’ll help give you teeth that you can truly be proud of!


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