Using Professional Teeth Whitening To Brighten The Smile Better Than Over-The-Counter Solutions

Teeth Whitening Patient

One of the most commonly requested desires from Sherwood, OR area patients when they visit New Smiles Dental is the ability to achieve a brighter, more brilliant and beautiful smile. Yellowing and discoloration can impact the appearance of the smile, and when patients try over-the-counter options, they are often unhappy with the results—if they achieve any at all. This is when our team of professionals will educate patients on the advantages of using professional-grade whitening options instead.

Professional teeth whitening

There are two methods of professional teeth whitening available at the practice of Drs. Nathan Doyel, Ben Aanderud, and Ashley Bennet, including in-office bleaching and take-home kits.

  • In-office power bleaching – first and foremost, our team is excited to offer same-day results with our in-office power bleaching. Though this is the more expensive option of the two, it allows patients to get their smile looking beautiful in just one visit. The appointment will last less than two hours, and patients can whiten their natural tooth enamel up to eight shades whiter during this time. No other whitening product available in the local drugstores can offer such results. The treatment is done under the monitoring of our dental staff to ensure safety and effectiveness. A special combination of bleaching ingredients are combined into a gel that is administered onto the surfaces of the teeth and activated using a special light for fast and noticeable results!
  • Take-home whitening kits – for patients seeking a more economical option that provides similar results, our take-home whitening kits are available. These kits include custom whitening trays that are created using impressions of the natural smile and gel that is safe to use as directed by patients in the privacy of their own homes. Patients are advised to wear the trays with the gel for a specific period of time each day until they achieve their desired results.

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Take charge of the brilliance and beauty of your smile by scheduling an appointment for professional grade whitening services. The practice is located in Sherwood, OR and can be reached to request an appointment at (503) 925-9595.


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