Think You Know What Your Dental Check-Up Is All About?

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Routine visits to your dentist may be about as exciting as watching the grass grow. However, there are important reasons to keep up with the recommended check-ups during which nothing really seems to happen. When your dentist checks your mouth, it is more than your teeth that is being evaluated.

Oral Cancer

One of the crucial aspects of the routine dental exam is the screening for oral cancer. Some practices use innovative technologies to identify abnormalities in oral tissues. However, studies show that the visual and manual screenings that are the norm are capable of reaching the early diagnosis needed to facilitate the most positive outcome from proper care.

Long-term Wellness

It has become increasingly evident that there are consequences to poor oral health that extend far beyond bad breath or tooth decay. Studies indicate a direct correlation between the condition of teeth and gums and general wellness. The link between the two is oral bacteria. Tiny organisms that live on teeth, between them, and even beneath the gums weaken enamel and gum tissue, cause inflammation and infection, and then they leave the mouth for other parts of the body. Research demonstrates an increased risk for numerous health conditions, including stroke and heart attack, in people whose oral health is poor.

We Don’t Care about your Breath, Sort of . . .

A lot of people are self-conscious about their breath all the time. Most people, however, don’t really give much thought to potential odor until it is time to see the dentist. Understandably, you don’t want to subject your dentist or hygienist to overwhelming odors, but understand that we assess the natural odor of your breath during your exam as one more way to gather important information about the health of your gums, the presence of bacteria, and possibly even your routine oral hygiene.

Our Gift to You

Have you ever felt caught off-guard by being gifted with a new toothbrush after your exam and cleaning? There is good reason for this practice. Our job is to encourage ongoing health and wellness through good hygiene, and your toothbrush is a vital instrument in achieving success! So, please accept this gift and use it daily!

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