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If you have a serious fear of visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry may make taking care of your teeth a little easier. Regular dental cleanings and checkups are an important part of keeping your teeth healthy, so you shouldn’t let a fear of the dentist damage your health.

Sedation dentistry can help you relax and de-stress during your visit. Sedation dentistry can also help if you have difficulty becoming numb, if you have very sensitive teeth, or if you are undergoing very extensive dental work.

What You Should Know About The Levels Of Sedation

Sedation dentistry comes in multiple levels depending on your needs. At New Smiles, there are four levels of sedation dentistry.


Level One: Nitrous Oxide

This is probably the type of sedation dentistry you are most familiar with. Nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) is used to ease pain and help patients relax. The nitrous oxide is inhaled though a mask on the face. Patients stay awake and conscious and they can respond to questions and follow directions during the procedure. If patients wait until the effects wear off, they can usually drive themselves home.


Level Two: Oral Sedation

In this type of sedation, patients take a pill about an hour before the procedure. Patients will usually be drowsy, but not unconscious. It will take awhile for the effects to wear off, so it is important to bring someone to drive you home if you undergo this procedure.


Level Three: Intravenous Sedation

In this case, a sedative is injected directly into the vein so it takes affect quickly. Patients usually remain responsive during the procedure, but they often don’t remember much about the procedure afterward. This is also a procedure where it is important to have someone else drive you home.


Level Four: Deep Intravenous Sedation

This sedation level is only used for very intense procedures. It requires a professional anesthesiologist and machinery to supplement breathing. Patients will not usually remember the procedure afterward, and this is another procedure where it is important to have someone else drive the patient home.


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