Sealing The Smile Against Cavities

Sealing the Smile Against Cavities | New Smiles | Sherwood, OR

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that you could go years without needing a dental filling? This is actually the goal of preventive dentistry. The team at New Smiles Dental would love to help you avoid cavities and the other dental problems that stem from oral bacteria. Using dental sealants, we may be able to do just that.

Knowing Where Danger Lurks

There are a few places where cavities tend to occur more frequently. One of these places is in between teeth. This is why your dentist continually reminds you to floss every day. Another place where danger lurks in the mouth is deep in the grooves of back teeth. Molars have four cusps, points at the four corners of each tooth. In the center, the molar is pitted. Ridges at the center of the tooth may be quite deep and possibly trap food. Debris like this is an open invitation for bacteria to enter and stay for a while; long enough to cause decay.

There is a Way to Lock Bacteria Out

Fluoride is a commonly used substance for the prevention of cavities. This mineral fights tooth decay by supporting healthy enamel. Dental sealants work differently; they literally seal the chewing surface of a back tooth (or teeth) so no food debris or bacteria can accumulate in hidden crevices. Getting dental sealants is easy. The treatment can be performed at the end of a dental cleaning, involving a simple application of liquid substance. After the chewing surface is coated, we cure the sealant with light. The painless treatment takes just a few minutes, and it provides years of protection against cavities in this hard-to-reach place in the mouth.

There are several advantages to dental sealants. The primary value of treatment lies in the longevity of protection. Sealants can last 4 to 5 years without any special care. Re-application may occur as needed once sealants have worn down. In addition to avoiding painful cavities, patients with dental sealants also minimize dental costs related to tooth repair.

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