Zachary E.

My personnel experience differs from most. I rarely have I ever had to go to the dentist. I have stopped by New Smiles twice once 9 years ago and once 6 months ago for a referral. Both times the staff was pleasant and accommodating for what I needed. They didn’t know me I was in and out in 5 mins. I have lucked out in life. I didn’t have cavities as a kid or need braces so I didn’t think much of going to the dentist like most of us I am sure. So time passes by. Bang Boom Pow!! Well 2 months ago I got in a car accident. I am in trouble 6 chipped teeth and a broken 31(far back molar) I am in some serious trouble. Pain like I have never experienced….. Hot, Cold, Chewing, Drinking everything hurts…. My chipped teeth are so sharp I cut my tongue on them. I came looking for help and answers. New Smiles took me in like a lost puppy. Dr. Aanderud and his staff made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered that day. I was originally scheduled for a consultation to last 30mins to an hour. As soon as they realized what was wrong with me they changed there whole day around for me. I was blown away! Dr. Aanderud offered to stay past closing to help me( I was there 3 1/2 hours). It ended up that I needed a root canal first followed by a crown. This ended up being several hours and multiple appointments. For someone who has never had to go through this before it can be scary, stressful, and uncomfortable to say the least. Through this whole ordeal the staff has worked around my crazy schedule. I have had to reschedule because of conflicts. But they made it easy and smooth. Everyone there loves their careers, they are more then a team. They are family. They all laugh and enjoy one another. Dr Aanderud really cares he ask how I am doing before during and after my visit. My favorite thing about my visit is when I wasn’t sure about what I should do for treatment his answer to me was…… If you were my son this is what I would want you to do. Wow that says something about him. I recommend if you like the dentist or you need to go because of outside circumstances . Do yourself a solid go and see my friends at New Smiles. Because whether or not you like the dentist you will leave there smiling either way. I can say after this whole ordeal that wasn’t my fault. I brought them all my problems and I am smiling and pain free.

Julez M.

Dr. Doyel is the best dentist! He is gentle, caring, kind, compassionate, funny, honest, highly intelligent and skilled at his craft. He has treated me and my family and we all love him. He uses only the highest quality and long lasting, non-toxic dental materials, and he really teaches us how to prevent needing dental work in the future. Everyone in his office is happy to be there and it shows. The staff is warm, friendly and helpful. The office is beautiful and comfortable. No one seems to love their dentist, but our whole family loves ours’!

Cecilia L.

The staff at New Smiles Dental are awesome! You really feel that they care about their patients. The service is Class A!

Scott S.

Over the past years I have had many dentist serve me and this office is amazing. Friendly and helpful staff, Dr. Doyel is an excellent dentist and takes his time educating me on my dental needs so my decisions are well informed. My biggest praise though is my hygienist Karie. She is so good at her skill set and very personable. For the first time I actually enjoy my teeth cleaning. She takes great care to make it as comfortable as possible, while NEVER sacrificing the quality of the cleaning. I have never enjoyed teeth cleaning because of the pain, and with Karie, it is always pain free. She is amazing. I would recommend this office and Karie to anyone needing dental care.

Mason H.

What an amazing experience! I haven’t seen a dentist in quite some time (ahem…years) and I was pretty nervous about what Dr. Doyel and Cami were going to say about my teeth. From the moment I walked in the door, to being given a rose at the end of the visit, they were very receptive to my concerns and treated me with respect throughout the entire process.

Marcus J.

Dr. A is the best! His staff is friendly and they take great care of everyone in the office.

Meredith M.

Dr. Doyel and his staff continue to execute stellar skills, wonderful professionalism, extreme cleanliness, and phenominal service. I have been going to Pacific family dental since 2005 and I continue to be pleased with their consistent, phenomenal service. For example, I had a complicated and lengthy procedure that needed to be done recently and he and his assistant were so patient and calmly got me through it. I never felt like they were rushing or impatient with me. Thank you Pacific Family Dental/New Smiles!!

James C.

Great Doctors and great staff! They have the most state of the art equipment. You can trust Dr Doyel with your teeth.

Dolores T.

It is a delight coming to your office as everyone is so cheerful and anxious to make sure your visit is the best. Thank you for turning a unpleasant experience into one you remember with a smile on your face. The rose is a very nice touch!

Kelly B.

I actually enjoy and look forward to my visits; my outlook on ‘going to the dentist’ has completely changed and I am forever grateful.

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