Is Your Brew Doing You In?

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Millions of us cannot go without our Morning Jolt; that nice, steamy cup of Wakey Juice. If “no talkie before coffee” is your mantra, the last thing you may want to hear is that good old Joe could be doing a number on your teeth. Don’t run away just yet. This is not one of those pieces that will admonish you to break up with your beloved beverage for good. Oh, no. We wouldn’t dream of it. In fact, let’s talk about the finer points of that cup of java!

Coffee does have Benefits!

According to recent research, there are several benefits that stem from the bean. One relates to Type II diabetes, and the inhibitive effects that coffee has on the biological activity of testosterone and estrogen, which affects blood glucose. One study also showed significantly lower instances of Parkinson’s Disease in avid coffee drinkers. Another suggests that 3 cups a day can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 50%.

Now for the Bad News . . .

Compared to the benefits of coffee, the minor issues that could be caused for your smile may pale substantially. Still, a well informed coffee-lover is a healthier coffee-lover!
The tannins in coffee are what tend to be the biggest problem for teeth. Tannins are some powerful staining molecules that can penetrate the outer surface of enamel through tiny pores. Once teeth have become stained from the morning coffee habit, there is little that can be done without professional help. Patients of Pacific Family Dental can resolve discoloration quickly and safely with our convenient, efficient teeth whitening service. Getting a brighter smile is one thing. If you continue your love affair with coffee, though, you may want to make a few simple changes to reduce further staining.

  1. Add cream. Dairy contains casein protein. Casein binds with tannins, which prevents absorption into enamel.
  2. Add water. Not to your coffee, but with it. Tannins, as well as the acidity of coffee, are diluted when you sip water afterward. Better yet, swish.
  3. Add space. It can be oh so easy to let one small cup extend into a second, and then a third. Giving space in between your jolts of bean juice gives your teeth a break.

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