How Digital X-Rays Improve Upon Traditional Means Of Visualizing One’s Oral Health And Wellness

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At New Smiles Dental, we are dedicated to helping patients achieve better oral health and wellness, and to do so, we continually reinvest into our practice to better serve our patients. Drs. Nathan Doyel, Ben Aanderud, and Whisenant of Sherwood, Oregon are pleased to offer advanced diagnostic solutions including digital x-rays.

X-rays are used in dental practices to help look at the areas of the smile that are not visible to check for underlying problems. They can be used to spot areas of decay, monitor the shifting of baby teeth to adult teeth, or diagnose issues within the tooth that may require specialized procedures such as root canal therapy. They are an invaluable tool to dentists who need to be able to address conditions for patients as soon as possible to keep their smile healthy.

Digital x-rays open up an entirely new aspect of dentistry. They not only reduce the amount of radiation that patients are exposed to with each x-ray, but they also allow crystal clear images to be transferred to our computers for easy viewing and simpler record-keeping. With digital x-rays, we can show patients their oral health and wellness on a computer screen and zoom in with precision to provide faster diagnosis of certain conditions. This was impossible with traditional x-rays and has completely changed the way that our team works!

It is important to work with dental practices that have the latest in diagnostic technologies, as this ensures patients can improve their oral health and wellness and maintain it for a lifetime. We are pleased to offer this and other advanced treatments for our patients in our state-of-the-art facility.

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Our dental professionals are excited to offer patients solutions for their smiles, including the use of today’s amazing technology to ensure oral health and wellness. With digital x-rays, patients can rest easy knowing they are getting precision care. Contact our team of professionals in Sherwood, OR by calling (503) 925-9595 or visiting us personally at 17680 SW Handley Street, Ste. #101.


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