When Giving Thanks, Remember Your Teeth!

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We love this time of year, when we are coaxed by Mother Nature herself to revel in cozy fires and thick sweaters; and let’s not forget all the pumpkin spice! As we take stock of the many things we have to feeling thankful for, we find it the perfect time to point out a few of the important things that teeth do for our smile, our body, and our lives.

  1. Teeth make the face attractive. It’s not just that teeth fill in your smile that makes them an important aspect of your appearance. The structure of teeth themselves is also advantageous to the lower half of the face. The cheeks and the lips would have nothing to lean into were it not for teeth. So, even if there are a few things about your smile that you might like to change, the mere fact that your teeth keep your lips from sinking in is something to be thankful for.
  2. Teeth make the stomach happy. We don’t tend to think of how our teeth and stomach are related, and yet the two are connected each and every day. Several times a day, you find yourself chewing food before you send it down the hatch – or maybe you don’t . If you have an uncomfortable dental problem, chewing may be something you do as quickly as possible. This could inhibit the proper breakdown of food, which would then leave the job to your tummy. Too much stomach acid could mean bloat or a nasty stomach ache.
  3. Your teeth may give you a competitive edge. Research has demonstrated the true value of an attractive smile both in the workplace and in our personal lives. In one survey of women, it was found that the condition of a man’s teeth was pivotal to his “date-ability.” In a survey of hiring managers, researchers discovered that job applicants with attractive smiles were perceived more favorably than equally qualified candidates, and thus more likely to procure a job offer.

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