Foods That Destroy Your Teeth

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You don’t have to eat all vegetables to have a healthy mouth. In fact, there are some very tasty recipes that are excellent for your teeth for many reasons. By sorting through your food choices a little more closely, you may find that you’re investing way too much in sugary snacks and sides. In addition, you may be stopping for fast food often. Most people don’t brush their teeth after getting fast food. It’s hard to imagine what food and debris get stuck in your teeth and for how long, hosting bacteria and creating bad breath.

Try avoiding sugars in snacks and sodas, even if it seems impossible. Some fruits contain a high amount of sugar and still make the list of healthy foods to eat because of their high water content. When a crunchy fruit with high water content and typical sugar content is consumed, the water helps to rinse away some of the excess sugar, keeping the enamel on the surface of your teeth safe from decay.

Eating a vegetable or fruit with high water content should not replace brushing or flossing in any way. It’s safe to assume that there’s nothing you can do, despite the commercials advertising chewing gum, that will act as a perfect replacement for physically brushing and flossing. Make your snacking less frequent and your brushing more frequent. If you have to, use sugar substitutes. They will not harm your teeth by leaving behind any kind of harmful bacteria.

Eat these foods to increase the health of your teeth:

  1. Celery – This is a crunchy, watery vegetable that’s excellent for both the strength and health of your teeth.
  2. Cheese – As a dairy product that contains high amounts of calcium and phosphorous, cheese is excellent for your teeth. In addition, cheese creates more saliva in the mouth, adding a quick rinse for your teeth.
  3. Onions – Guess what? These odorous vegetables are good for the teeth. They eliminate harmful bacteria that lives on the surface of the teeth, which creates cavities. That’s something we all want to avoid.


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