Direct Reimbursement Dental Insurance

direct reimbursement dental insurance

In Direct Reimbursement programs, your employer reimburses you directly for part or all your dental treatment. Usually all types of treatment are covered and you can see any dentist you choose. In addition, you are free to choose the quality of care with which you are most comfortable. The American Dental Association views this as the best employer-patient insurance plan available today. About 95% of the monies spent on a Direct Reimbursement program goes to actual patient care.

Since an insurance company is in business to make money, they make more when they sell a plan that provides less benefit to the patient and more to the administrator of the program. Unfortunately because of this, Direct Reimbursement Programs are often the last ones employers are told about. If you would like to learn more about Direct Reimbursement programs, contact the American Dental Association (ADA).


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