Porcelain Veneers

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What are Porcelain Veneers?

At New Smiles, patients from Sherwood and surrounding areas find the services they need to keep their smile healthy and attractive. One of the cosmetic treatments that we are often asked about is porcelain veneers.

A porcelain laminate (often called a veneer) is a thin shell of porcelain that covers the front of each tooth. They bond directly to the front of the tooth, similar to the way artificial fingernails work. Each porcelain laminate is a work of art, carefully crafted, while you wait, with our in-office milling machine.  In some cases, they may be crafted in a laboratory to fit your individual smile.

The ideal candidate for Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers have been used for some time. The intent of this cosmetic treatment is to disguise imperfections or damage such as gaps, chips, stains, and cracks. Veneers are customized to give a tooth or teeth the exact characteristics necessary to enhance the overall appearance of the smile. During the early days of this treatment, many veneers were fabricated from a composite, which is a mixture of glass and resin. Today, porcelain is the preferred material. This is because porcelain more closely mimics the characteristics of enamel, and this is crucial to the authentic appearance of the smile.

Do you have stubborn discoloration? A gap or chip? You may be an ideal candidate for porcelain veneers from your experienced Sherwood dentist! 

The Porcelain Veneers Procedure

To create a more beautiful smile with porcelain veneers, we begin with a comprehensive consultation and examination. It is important that we understand the desired outcome, right down to the shape and color of teeth. We also need to ensure that no dental problems exist, as they may inhibit the lasting results of this cosmetic procedure. If conditions such as cavities are detected, restorative treatment will be performed prior to moving forward with veneers.

An additional consideration that is made during the consultation phase is the necessity for teeth whitening. To obtain a more attractive smile with porcelain veneers does not necessarily mean that you must have veneers bonded to every visible tooth. In many cases, only one or two teeth need veneers. Because porcelain cannot be bleached, patients may wish to have teeth whitening performed before their final restorations are bonded.

Before and After

porcelain veneers sherwood orporcelain veneers sherwood or

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How many visits are required?

Traditionally, veneer treatment is a two-visit process. The first visit prepares teeth for veneers by reducing surface enamel slightly. This step is necessary in order for veneers to lie flush against the gums. After reduction, impressions are made, and a mold of the teeth is sent to a dental lab. Here, veneers are fabricated from high-quality porcelain.

At New Smiles, patients have the option of expedited treatment using CEREC technology. Our dentists have extensive experience in the CEREC process, through which veneers and other restorations are fabricated from lifelike, durable porcelain in our in-house milling machine. CEREC veneers are just as lovely as those made in a dental lab, and they give you the final result in a single visit.

Benefits of Same-Day Veneers

One of the benefits of same-day veneers is that, because there is no time in between preparation and placement, minimal if any, sensitivity occurs. Patients who choose to have lab-made veneers may experience slight sensitivity during the week to two weeks in between their appointments. Typically, this is a temporary and tolerable sensation.

Maintaining Porcelain Veneers

Maintenance is an important aspect of veneer treatment because the care you take of your teeth and these restorations will direct relate to longevity. When good care is taken of veneers, these restorations can last upwards of 20 years. Brushing and flossing are crucial to cavity prevention. Veneers cover only the front surface of teeth, so decay may still occur at the margins, in between teeth, or on the posterior surface.

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