Choosing A New Family Dentist

family dentist

If you’ve moved into a new area or your previous dentist has retired or left the area, you are probably looking for a new dentist. Here are a few suggestions for finding a new family dentist.

Consider the neighborhood you are moving to and look for the closest family dentist in the area. If you have children
who are school age, the new school that they are attending might have a suggestion or two. Sometimes, local dentists will make trips to elementary schools in their area to hand out goodie bags of dental floss, toothbrushes, and tubes of toothpaste. Parents of your child’s schoolmates might also be able to provide a reference for a nearby family dentist.

Take the recommendations you have been given and do some research on them. Check their educational background and experience. If you can get a read on the personality and attitude of the dentist from other patients or parents, that is a good thing. If you need a pediatric specialist, an orthodontist, or a dentist with any other type of specialty, additional research will be needed to make sure you will be going to a dentist who understands those problems.

If you decide on a particular dentist, make sure he or she accepts your insurance. If you have a dental plan, you will want to stay within the provided dentists that are covered by it. You can use the list of dentists that accept your insurance to narrow down your choices in the beginning and then begin asking parents and school officials for suggestions to compare to that list.

You will want to choose a dentist and have the first appointment before taking your family. This will give you a good assessment of his behavior and personality. You may also get the chance to observe him with other patients, such as children, to gauge how he will get along with your children. Avoid taking your children to dentists who are inexperienced with young people. You don’t want to run the risk of scaring your child away from future dental visits.


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