Change Your Smile, Change Your Life . . . Really?

Change your Smile, Change your Life . . . Really?

One of the mottos of our practice is “change your smile, change your life.” Some people may read that and think it’s nothing more than a marketing term designed to create a desire for a better smile. The truth is, a lot of people would like to have a better smile. Although, this is not demonstrated in marketing terms, it is evident in the popularity of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments throughout the United States, and even in other countries. We value beauty, and the smile is an important aspect of that.

Having a better looking, better feeling smile is great. But could one say that these things could lead to a better life? Research says they can, and in some very specific ways.

Better Smile, Better Life

  1. A good smile leads to confidence. If you are not currently happy with your teeth, do you notice that you hide your smile? Do you avoid smiling? Many people do what they can to keep others from noticing problems like discoloration or crookedness. These concerns are easy to correct, though, and doing so provides you with the freedom to share the wholeness of your smile without fear.
  2. Statistics are a great indication of the enormous positive impact a good smile can have on a person’s career. Surveys by reputable marketing firms have discovered that a person’s smile is just as valuable in job interviews as is a good resume. This also holds true when garnering more productive salary negotiations and hiring terms. These firms believe that on the job, an attractive smile can help with success, as well, supporting effective and confident communication.
  3. Social interactions are easier when we feel good about our overall appearance. The strong sense of personal image that stems from confidence in one’s appearance can make that person more relatable, and even more kissable, according to a survey.
  4. Cosmetic treatments aren’t always about appearance only. Some treatments, such as sealing enamel damage or repairing chips, can improve physical comfort as well, minimizing frustrations such as biting soft tissue.
  5. Good oral health supports a long and happy life. There is no shortage of research to indicate the correlation between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. It’s not all about disease-prevention, either. Even feeling good about the smile is supportive of general immunity thanks to the released endorphins when we smile.

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