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Spending money is something we all do on a regular basis. When we choose to spend – even splurge – we might find it relatively easy to part with our hard-earned cash. Spending gets a little more challenging when we don’t feel like we have a choice. Dropping dollars into a new car is much more gratifying than sending Uncle Sam our slush fund at the end of the year. Likewise, adding to our wardrobe may be much more fun than investing into something like dental implants.

Because dental implants are perceived as costly, and because other options for tooth replacement are available, there is a need to question which treatment is most cost-effective. According to research, it’s dental implants. Here’s why:

Looking at the Goal

The goal of tooth-replacement isn’t always clear. We can easily fall into the idea that tooth replacement puts structure back where it belongs. It does, but that is only the beginning. To contemplate the cost of dental implants, we have to question why we replace missing teeth. We replace them because we want the smile to look nice. We also replace teeth because we need to be able to chew. Because we need to bite and chew, it is necessary that our replacement teeth work as well as natural teeth would. This is the very reason why dental implants were developed. Patients who receive dental implants regain the highest possible percentage of chewing function.

Looking at Value

In addition to calculating costs and comparing that to your budget, it is also beneficial to question the long-term value of dental implants compared to other treatment options. Dental bridges and dentures have been around so long that we are familiar with their longevity. These artificial structures can last anywhere from 5 years to 15 years. Many dentures last about eight years, according to research. Dental implants have also been around for some time, more than 50 years. When studied for longevity, these small titanium posts have proven that they can last a person’s lifetime.

Ultimately, the objective of tooth replacement is to give a person back the quality of life they deserve. Without functional, attractive teeth, it is difficult to feel confident or to nourish the body as well as possible.

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