New Smile in a Day

Has fear kept you or a loved one from visiting the dentist? Have you lost the hope that you could ever have the youthful smile you once had? For many patients, fear has lead to neglect and an overwhelming breakdown of their oral health. Moreover, if you have several missing teeth, are in pain, have difficulty chewing, are embarrassed to smile, or unsatisfied with your denture, New Smiles is here to help with New Smile in a Day.

What Is New Smile in a Day?

The innovative “New Smile in a Day” procedure brings hope back and allows us to restore your smile in one procedure. Quality dental implants feel and function like natural teeth and are the standard in permanent tooth replacement.

“New Smile in a day” means just that: You will walk away with entirely functioning, long-lasting teeth. After a comprehensive exam and thorough planning (in-office), our doctors use the most advanced technology and training to restore your smile. You do not need multiple doctors visits.

What To Expect?

At New Smiles, our doctors are available to discuss:

  • All of your options and costs.
  • Design a plan with you, that will bring back confidence, and health comfortably in a timely manner.

Before and After

New Smile BeforeNew Smile After Sherwood Or | Portland






The “New Smile in a Day” approach has proven that when you change your smile, you change your life.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in New Smile in a Day, and would like to see if you are a good candidate, call (503) 925-9595 to schedule a consultation at our office in Sherwood, OR.