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We all like to be treated well, especially if we suffering some type of pain. Dental pain is one example of a situation that calls for a gentle touch and efficient techniques. We are proud to offer professional services that have grown out of a (very) long history of what we’ll call research and development. Dentistry wasn’t always as efficient and comfortable as it is today. In fact, it wasn’t until the mid-1800s when dentistry was formalized into a field of scientific practice. Up until that time, it was more an effort of trial and error. Here, we want to focus on a few of the ways that dental innovation can treat your smile well.

Modern Dental Fillings

Archeological evidence has revealed that dental fillings may have existed in prehistoric times. In one study, 14,000-year-old remains were observed to have holes “drilled” into the two front teeth. This particular ancient human is believed to have had diseased tooth material removed and a tar-like substance inserted into the holes. In another set of prehistoric teeth, archeologist observed holes but no filling material. Ouch!

Looking back at how teeth used to be treated, the idea of having your dentist use a micro-instrument to carefully drill away damaged tooth material may sound quite pleasant. What’s even more pleasing is that modern dental technique can repair teeth without leaving any trace of decay. Tooth-colored fillings aren’t just attractive; they are also supportive of long-term structural stability.

Modern Tooth Replacement

Interestingly, we can see from archeological studies that tooth replacement dates back thousands of years. One ancient Egyptian revealed that shells were used as early tooth replacements when single teeth were missing. It was in the 1700s when dentures became necessary due to widespread tooth loss linked to sugar consumption. The porcelain dentures made at that time broke easily and needed refinement. Later models included an ivory base with teeth taken from animals and even the deceased.

Today, we rarely rely only on dentures. Most patients needing tooth replacement can obtain excellent results with tiny titanium implants that take over the functions of the natural root. Furthermore, patients of our Sherwood, OR office can obtain dental implant treatment without the months-long wait for full capacity. Our Smile in a Day process shortens recovery time and ensures that not a day is spent without attractive, functional teeth.

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