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Check out our Insider Articles written for the local Sherwood Gazette Newspaper to keep the community abreast of important dental topics.

CEREC Crowns: Restore your smile with a CEREC same-day crown

Flossing: No flossing? No way!

Give The Gift of A Smile: How about tucking a smile into this year’s stocking?

Gum Grafts: Gum tissue grafts can improve your smile!

Implants: Is a dental implant right for me? Let New Smiles help you decide

Importance of a Nice Smile: It is important to your physical, emotional and even social well-being

Insurance: Let New Smiles offer you an alternative to traditional dental insurance!

IV Sedation: Pre-appointment jitters? Relax or sleep your worries away!

Laser Therapy: Cold sore coming on? Have no fear, laser therapy is here!

Love your Dentist?: How Do You Find A Dentist You Love?

Mouth Guards: Need a night guard for your teeth?

New Smile In A Day: Dental Implant technology offers New Smile in a day

Oral Cancer: Oral Cancer…Should I be concerned

Root Canal Therapy: Do not fear the root canal!

Sleep Apnea: Treat Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliance Therapy at New Smiles!

Standard of Care: Is your insurance providing you dental standard of care?

Teeth Whitening: 5 tips to keep your teeth stain free

Trial Smile: Why a Trial Smile?

Wisdom Teeth: Here’s a wise idea — get those wisdom teeth out